PoliticsWednesday 07.27.22

House Oversight Cmte. plays powerful video from victims of gun violence at the start of hearing with gun manufacturers.

The House Oversight Committee played a powerful video showing testimony and questions from victims of gun violence, at the start of their hearing with gun manufacturers on Wednesday.

“My fiancé was shot and killed on May 14th by a white supremacist. When he went to Tops to buy our son a birthday cake. The shooter killed my fiancé with a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle. He also had with him a 12-gauge shotgun a bolt-action rifle, full body armor, and a car full of ammunition.

“My name is Fred Guttenberg. I am the father Of Jesse and Jamie Guttenberg on February 14. 2018, I sent my two children to school to learn safely. Towards the end of that day, a gunman showed up at my daughter's school killing 17. My daughter was one of the 17 killed.

“I want to know what are you doing to stop these shootings. Do you know how many children have been exposed to gun violence in schools since Columbine? What are you going to do to make sure that your products don't get into the hands of a white supremacist mass shooter ever again, who will take a child's father away?

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