PoliticsSaturday 10.15.22

Herschel Walker (R) predicted in September that Sen. Warnock (D-GA) would embarrass him at their Senate debate.

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Republican Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker predicted in September that Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, would embarrass him at their Georgia Senate seat debate. If you listen closely in the second video, you can hear the crowd erupt in laughter when he pulls out the police badge. Walker has been embroiled in scandals with one of the most prominent being that he was accused of paying for an abortion for a former partner. Walker has consistently run on being pro-life, so the reporting that he paid for an abortion is obviously a conflict of his campaign’s values. Georgia is the site of two very important elections: a Senate seat and the Governor’s seat. The midterms are only a few weeks away and it will be a very tight race to see which political party remains in power in Congress.

WALKER: “So he’s going to show up and embarrass me at the debate October, the 14th.

WALKER: “I am meeting police officers and at the same time.”

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