PoliticsMonday 06.24.24

“He gets a shot in the ass": Donald Trump predicts Joe Biden will come out “all jacked up” at presidential debate.

Former president Donald Trump on Saturday predicted that President Joe Biden would get “a shot in the ass” and come out “all jacked up” at this Thursday's presidential debate.

“It's been reported that right now, ‘Crooked Joe’ has gone to a log cabin to study, prepare. No, he didn't. He's sleeping now because they want to get him good and strong,” Trump said to his supporters at a campaign rally in Philadelphia. “So, a little before debate time, he gets a shot in the ass. They want to strengthen him up.”

Trump has consistently attacked Biden’s mental capacities, suggesting that the president cannot put “two sentences together.” But his new comments seemed to be aimed at preparing his supporters for the possibility that Biden might perform strongly at the debate by accusing the president of using a chemical boost.

“I say he'll come out all jacked up, right?” Trump continued. “All jacked up.”

Trump and his campaign for months challenged Biden to debate, including mocking him with an empty lectern and suggesting he was too afraid to take the stage.

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