PoliticsFriday 05.06.22

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), fumbling his words, claims Florida isn’t actually banning math textbooks.

Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that the Florida Department of Education will not let ideology be injected into the math textbooks.

He praised the education department for pointing out the texts and sending those back to the publishers “who had to take the nonsense out of the math books”.

In a statement released by the education department on April 15, it said that 54 textbooks were kept out of the state’s adopted list among the 132 submitted ones. The rejected books made up around 41% of the submissions and contained references to critical race theory among other reasons.

“That's Math, you know, two plus two equals four, it's not two plus two and let's have a struggle session over that. That's just not what we want in Florida,” DeSantis said.

The statement claimed that the publishers tried to incorporate instructional materials based on “Common Core Standards” that the governor eliminated by an executive order issued in 2019.



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