PoliticsMonday 08.15.22

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) plays an impressive game of Whataboutism while defending his potential 2024 rival Donald Trump.

Florida Governor Ron De Santis, speaking at the a rally for candidates endorsed by former president Donald Trump in Arizona hosted by Turning Point Action on Sunday, placed the FBI search at Mar-A-Lago against the backdrop of the Clinton email controversy, asking why Secretary Clinton’s upstate New York home wasn’t raided at that point.

DE SANTIS: You look at the raid at Mar-A-Lago and I'm just trying to, I'm trying to remember –maybe someone here can remind me – about when they did a search warrant at Hillary's house in Chappaqua when she had a rogue server and she was laundering classified information. I don't remember them doing that. I do remember them manufacturing a false conspiracy theory about Russia collusion. I remember that. That was not true. That was an abuse of power. I remember A lawyer for the FBI, got caught doctoring, an application for FISA surveillance against an innocent man. I remember the FBI at Merrick Garland's direction being sicced on parents going to school board meetings.

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