PoliticsSaturday 10.01.22

Gov. Ron DeSantis on President Biden: Then, at CPAC, he "stiffs" storm victims; now, he acted quickly, we're thankful.

Watch the change of heart that Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, has had when discussing the Biden Administration. Hurricane Ian, a nearly Category 5 storm, recently hit Florida, causing immense structural damage and casualties. The conflict between President Biden and Governor DeSantis has been a prominent talking point by the media while covering Hurricane Ian. President Biden has made it very clear that no matter the political tension with a state’s leader, he will act in the best interest of the constituents as shown by his and Governor DeSantis’ constant communication on how to best help Floridians.

DESANTIS: “There's one fella that just hates Florida and his name is Joe Biden. He does things like take our medication. He stiffed storm victims of relief just because he doesn't like the governor.

DESANTIS: “The Biden Administration has approved our request for a pre-landfall declaration and did that very quickly. So we're thankful for that. You know, and it's my sense that the administration, you know, wants to help. I think they realize that this is a really significant storm.”

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