PoliticsThursday 09.01.22

Gov. Reeves (R-MS) deflects when asked why Jackson is “in this extraordinary position” of not having drinkable water.

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Gov. Reeves (R-MS) spoke to at a news conference today about what went wrong in Jackson, Mississippi. Gov. Reeves (R-MS) infered that the people of Jackson and the press want to “play the blame game.” Gov. Reeves went on to say the people of Mississippi want to focus on pitting different people against one another. He told the crowd that he’s focused on the immediate health and welfare of Jackson residents and said it’s the reason that 600 National Guardsmen have been activated to hand out bottled waters. Tankers are driving throughout the city of Jackson. This is to ensure there is both potable and non-potable water available to the residents of the city of Jackson. On Monday, Jackson, Mississippi, declared it would go without water indefinitely after pumps at the main water treatment plant failed, leading to the emergency distribution of bottled water and tanker trucks for 180,000 people.

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