PoliticsWednesday 08.31.22

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) puts the entire country on notice in regards to bussing migrants to Dem. cities and states.

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Greg Abbot spoke today to a group of people in Texas. He told the crowd that Texas would start bussing migrants to New York, Washington DC, and the rest of the country. Greg Abbot indicated more cities would be announced soon. The state of Texas has spent more than $12 million busing migrants to Washington DC and New York who crossed into the state from Mexico, according to figures from the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Abbott’s office has said migrants are transported out of state only with their written permission. It is not clear what other options have been offered to the migrants. Abbott said, “the busing mission provides much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities.” Normally it is up to the migrant to cover their travel costs, but state-chartered border buses have been providing free rides to the north-bound asylum-seekers for months. Texas has solicited private donations to help pay for the cost of the bus trips.

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