PoliticsFriday 10.28.22

GA GOP Sen. nom. Walker, who allegedly pressured multiple women into getting abortions: “I wanna speak for the baby!”

Georgia GOP Senatorial nominee Herschel Walker, who allegedly pressured multiple women into getting abortions said during a stump speech early Friday that he wanted to “speak for the baby” in the abortion conversation. Walker referred to his opponent, Raphael Warnock, mentioning the abortions tied to Walker during a debate that took place on October 15. Walker did not show for that debate, leaving an empty lectern to represent him. Despite running on a pro-life ticket, two women have now come forward saying Walker asked them to have abortions.

WALKER: “They even brought abortion up in the debate. Did y'all see that? He brought abortion up thinking he can get me with abortion? And I'm like wait a minute, now let me think about this for a moment. He said you know what? That hospital room is too crowded for a doctor, a patient and the government and I said ‘Sir, don't you realize there's a baby in that room too? And I will speak for the baby, I’m gonna speak for the baby."‘“

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