PoliticsFriday 08.12.22

Fox News' Steve Doocy to House GOP Chair Stefanik on nuclear documents reporting: "That's kind of a big deal!"

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Fox News' Steve Doocy said to House GOP Chair Stefanik that reports the FBI were seeking to retrieve classified nuclear documents from Mar-a-Lago is: "kind of a big deal!". President Trump overnight said that he encouraged the judge who authorized the search to release both the warrant and the list of items sought in the search.

DOOCY: Apparently, they're related to nuclear weapons. We don't know if they’re our weapons, we don't know if they're another country's weapons, but if that is true and they were just in the basement at Mar-A-Lago, that's kind of a big deal.

STEFANIK: Well, certainly Steve, there's been a lot of again, guesses as to… and media reporting. We do not know the facts, which is why it's important to follow the facts wherever they lead, and that's why it's important in our oversight role on the House Intelligence Committee. We continue to see the FBI refuse to answer questions when they create controversies and they overreach.

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