PoliticsThursday 08.18.22

Fox News’ Steve Doocy explains the real-world consequences of Republicans' FBI-bashing to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

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Fox News host Steve Doocey took Senator Rand Paul to task over his accusations that the FBI search was illegitimate, pointing out that the attacks on the agency are putting agents there at risk.

PAUL: I'm going to require proof that there was actually some sort of probable cause of a crime. And I'm suspicious that there was not.

DOOCEY: Well, and Senator absolutely Congress has oversight over the FBI and the Department of Justice and everything else. The problem is over the last week or so there's been so much violent rhetoric directed at the FBI and I heard somebody printed FBI stands for Fascist Bureauof Investigation or something like that. And unfortunately, now the people who work at the FBI headquarters, you know, there are death threats and all sorts of stuff. I heard from a staff member there who's talking to a colleague at the FBI and the colleague realized. “Oh look I'm wearing the wrong shoes today to work because if somebody comes and attacks the building and I've got to run, I can't run in these heels.” So unfortunately, people at the FBI are caught in the cross-hair.

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