TechnologyThursday 08.11.22

Ford Pres. Jim Farley announces the Ford F-150 Lightning is the leader of all EV pick-up trucks: "Take that Elon Musk."

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Jim Farley, president of the Ford motor company, announced the Ford F-150 Lightning as the leader of all EV pick-up trucks, saying "Take that, Elon Musk." The Lightning has sold 2,296 units so far, with June 2022 being its first full month on the market. The F-150 Lightning was announced after Tesla made its splashy reveal of its Cybertruck pickup, but Tesla has yet to deliver a single truck, with the first one due to roll off the production line in 2023. Ford has amassed 200,000 orders for its all-electric pickup. Tesla is thought to have 1.5 million reservations on the books for its Cybertruck.

FARLEY: We're really on a mission at Ford to lead an electric and digital Revolution for many not few. And I have to say The Shining Light for us at Ford is this beautiful lightning made right down the road. In Dearborn, right here in the state of Michigan already. The leader of all EV pickup trucks in our industry in the United States. Take that Elon Musk

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