PoliticsFriday 04.22.22

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on “Don’t Say Gay” law: “Who's dehumanizing who?”

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (R-FL) spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News in defense of the recent Florida legislation HB 1557, colloquially known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill signed into law by Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) last month. The law prevents classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten through third grade.

Moody shot back at media critics who call the law dehumanizing. Moody defended the law, saying it protects four-year-old and five-year-old children from being exposed to “classroom instruction on sexual interest.”

Moody also lashed out at Disney’s efforts to repeal the law, which she called “incredible.” The Walt Disney Company made its feelings known following the passage of “Don’t Say Gay” into law: “Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law,” the company said in a statement.

Concerning critics citing the “Don’t Say Gay” law’s broader implications, Moody accused the media of “perpetuating this big farce.”

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