PoliticsThursday 09.29.22

Dr. Bhavik Kumar shuts down Rep. Norman (R-SC) for peddling the lie that the witnesses support infanticide.

Dr. Bhavik Kumar shut down Representative Norman, a Representative from South Carolina, for peddling the lie that the witnesses testifying supported infanticide during a House committee hearing on the issues of abortion restrictions and bans.

NORMAN: “We join North Korea in that distinct, this blows my mind, how that, how that happens. Anyone? Miss Frye you want to comment on that? Dr. Kumar? Miss Leigh? Any of y'all want to comment on that? I got 27 seconds, real quick.”

FRYE: “Most black women don't live in China or North Korea.”

NORMAN: “I'm not talking about black or white women. It has nothing to do with black…”

FRYE: “I’m concerned with them having access to health care here in the United States.”

NORMAN: “Abortion affects, doesn’t matter the color. Dr. Kumar?”

KUMAR: “Well I did want to respond to your first comment about infanticide. Nobody on this panel, I think stands for infanticide. I think that suggestion that we would support that is inflammatory especially given the amount of violence and harassment that abortion providers face.”

NORMAN: “It wasn’t inflammatory with the group that I had previously…”

CHAIRMAN: “The gentleman’s time has expired.”

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