PoliticsTuesday 05.17.22

Congress held its first hearing on UFOs since 1969-and the tech feels like it.

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Congress held its first hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena popularly known as UFOs in over five decades today.

UAPs are objects that cannot be immediately identified.

While speaking at the hearing, Ronald Moultrie, Defense Under Secretary for Intelligence and Security, said that the Pentagon has set up an office for timely analysis of UAPs.

Moultrie said that by combining appropriately structured data with thorough scientific analysis any unidentified object can be “isolated, characterized, identified and if necessary, mitigated”.

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) asked to explain a short video of an unidentified object that was shown during the hearing.

Moultrie said that service members have come across many such UAPs and reporting those sightings is necessary for national security and safety.

Moultrie stated that the department would work closely with other departments, international partners and allies to build upon existing relationships.

He argued that he was aware of the department’s accountability to the American people regarding the importance of openness in this matter. But it is their job to strike a balance between transparency and preserving sensitive information for national security.

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