PoliticsTuesday 10.11.22

Biden speaks about how firefighters save the lives of him and his family at Summit on Fire Prevention and Control.

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President Biden spoke about how firefighters saved the lives of him and his family at the Summit on Fire Prevention and Control.

BIDEN: “Firefighters have saved my life and the life of my family. I wanted to just tell you for a moment, I know a lot of you know, if anyone from Delaware there knows. You know, way back in 1972 before I got sworn in, my family, my wife was Christmas shopping with my three children and, and a tractor-trailer, they got in an accident broadsided and killed my wife, killed my daughter, and my two boys who were there, almost three and almost four, were on top of their dead sister and mother and it took the jaws of life, my local fire department volunteers to get them out and get them to the hospital and they saved their lives. In addition to that, what happened was I, I was, I was doing Meet the Press and lightning struck a little pond behind my house, came up through the ground into the air conditioning system and it ended up generating thick black smoke literally, literally that of those proportions from the basement to the third floor, the attic, everything was ruined. And the kitchen floor, we almost lost a couple firefighters, they tell me because the kitchen floor was burning between the beams and the house in addition to almost collapsed into the basement. And then, and then I was I got rushed to the hospital for, turned out to be almost a nine hour operation, with a cranial aneurysm in the middle of a snowstorm by my fire company. They got me down, they saved my life. And so I owe you and so many other Americans owe you as well, so many families.”

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