PoliticsFriday 09.23.22

Biden calls out Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for the GOP’s “Commitment to America” agenda with “little or no detail.”

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President Biden called out Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for the GOP’s “Commitment to America” agenda. Representative McCarthy held a rally in a suburb of Pittsburg with many members of the House GOP to support the unveiling of the “Commitment to America” agenda a few hours before President Biden spoke at this DNC event.

BIDEN: “The House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy went to Pennsylvania and unveiled on but what he calls a “commitment to America.” That's a thin series of policy goals with little or no detail that he says Republican’s will pursue if they regain control of the Congress. In the course of nearly an hour, here's a few of the things we didn't hear - we didn't hear him mention the right to choose, we didn't hear mention Medicare, we didn't hear mentioned Social Security. Let's take a look at what Kevin said today. He said Republicans want to quote “preserve our constitutional freedom.” That sounds great. I'm for doing that as well, we all are. But look at what they've actually done. The MAGA Republicans just cheered and embraced the first Supreme Court decision in our entire history, the first one in our entire history that just didn't fail to preserve a constitutional freedom, it actually took away a fundamental right that had been granted by the same court to so many Americans. The constitutional right to choose and now nearly half the states in the United States of America, have either passed a ban on abortion or will shortly and in many states abortion is already banned, even in cases of rape and incest. A fundamental change. Already, 166 House Republicans have signed on to a bill that would ban abortion nationwide. And the Senior Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham has proposed a national ban on abortion with criminal penalties put on doctors and put them in jail if they, in fact, violate the ban.”

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