PoliticsFriday 06.14.24

“[Barron's] a big boy”: Trump joins Logan Paul's podcast to talk about his 6'9" son, aliens, and Drake-Kendrick beef.

Not your typical campaign stop! Donald Trump joined YouTuber and professional wrestler Logan Paul's podcast on Thursday to reach younger voters.

“You ever been in a fist fight, Mr. President?” Logan Paul asked the former president.

“Probably not,” Trump replied.

The presumptive Republican nominee for president appeared with Paul as an initiative to reach younger voters who are reconsidering their support for President Joe Biden in the November election. In addition to joining TikTok, Trump appeared on other popular podcasts. The topics of conversation ranged from AI (he claimed he had a speech written by AI), to aliens (he’s apparently not a believer), to the Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef.

While discussing the rap feud that dominated pop culture chatter earlier this year, Paul suggested Trump should “make a diss track on [Biden].”

“Yeah, we'll do something,” Trump replied.

The discussion even included talk about Trump’s youngest son Barron.

“Beautiful boy, Barron,” Trump said, complimenting his 18-year old son.

“Big boy,” the hosts remarked. “He’s huge.”

“He’s a big boy,” Trump responded. “6’9.’’”

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