PoliticsWednesday 06.26.24

Barack Obama's half-sister, Auma Obama, is tear-gassed while speaking to CNN during a protest in Nairobi, Kenya.

Former president Barack Obama’s half-sister, Auma Obama, on Tuesday was tear-gassed live on CNN during protests in Nairobi, Kenya, over proposed tax hikes.

“How can you tear-gas your own people?” Auma asked during the protest. “Listen to them. Listen to these children — they’re the future.”

Thousands of protesters stormed Kenya’s parliament and set parts of the building on fire as lawmakers passed the controversial financial bill. Police opened fire and tear-gassed the crowd. At least five people were fatally shot, dozens were injured, and more than 20 people are missing, per reports. It was the biggest assault on Kenya’s government in decades.

The tax increases were meant to chip away at Kenya’s $80 billion debt, but residents — mostly young people — have railed against the bill amid high inflation and cost of living. Facing mounting pressure, Kenyan President William Ruto confirmed Wednesday that after he listened and “conceded,” he wouldn’t sign the law, saying it caused “widespread dissatisfaction.”

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