PoliticsMonday 09.19.22

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby details what her investigation uncovered, leading Adnan Syed's release.

Baltimore State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, detailed what her investigation uncovered leading to the overturning of Adnan Syed's murder conviction.

“Through our review, our reinvestigation revealed that the original prosecutors and the subsequent prosecutors in the Attorney General's office, failed to disclose relevant information about alternative suspects, one of whom threatened to kill the victim and had motive to kill the victim and both of whom had a pattern of violence against women. Our investigation suggests that the two suspects may have been involved individually, or may have been involved together in the death of that beautiful young woman. Once again, through our review, our investigation uncovered that one of the suspects threatened Miss Lee saying he would, he would make her disappear, he would kill her. We also received information that provided motive for that same alternative suspect. That information was never disclosed to the defendant and is the basis of the Brady violation that the judge has deemed.”

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