PoliticsWednesday 05.11.22

At 2022 keynote, Google announces users can now request personal information be removed from search results.

Google announced some new safety features to keep data safer and more private, at the Google I/O Keynote 2022 event at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.  

Google has come up with new policies to remove personally identifiable information from search results that people prefer to keep private like bank account numbers or credit card numbers since this information is often used for financial fraud.

So if anyone finds search results that contain information related to his or her contact details, like a phone number or email address, or house address, then Google can easily take it down upon request.  

Cybersecurity and data privacy were some important topics touched upon at the event.

The Russia Ukraine war prompted the technology giant to expand its free DDoS Defense Program Project Shield to protect around 180 Ukrainian websites that provided critical information like current news and evacuation resources during these testing times.

Google is also planning to invest $10 billion to modernize the vulnerable systems and outdated infrastructures, secure the software supply chain, and train around 100,000 individuals in data privacy and cybersecurity through Google’s Career Certificate Program.




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