PoliticsWednesday 10.19.22

Arizona GOP gub. nominee Kari Lake proclaims that if MLK were alive today he would be an "America First Republican."

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake proclaimed that if MLK were alive today he would have been an "America First Republican." An “America First Republican” generally means members of the Republican Party that side with President Trump and have an extremely nationalistic view on the nation and its future. Kari Lake has been a supporter of the “Big Lie” which is the concept that President Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election due to voter fraud. This claim has been repeatedly debunked. Lake was campaigning with the Republican Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters and Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi Gabbard had previously been a member of the Democratic Party, serving as a Representative for Hawaii and ran for President under the Democratic Party in 2020, but she recently made an announcement she was leaving the Democratic Party.

LAKE: “I'm a true believer that if MLK, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, if JFK were alive today, if our founding fathers were alive today, they would be America First Republicans. I really believe that.”

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