PoliticsWednesday 10.12.22

Arizona GOP gub. nominee Kari Lake, who has promoted the Big Lie, says she will vote in-person for the general election.

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Republican Arizona gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake, says she “unfortunately” had to vote by mail during the primary but confirms she will be voting in person for the general election. Lake has continuously promoted the “Big Lie” which is the false claim that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. Lake is a former newscaster that was not expected to be competition against the Democratic candidate, Katie Hobbs, but the Arizona gubernatorial race is now a toss up.

LAKE: “I voted unfortunately by mail even though I asked to be off the early mail-in list, I was sent a ballot, so I was forced to vote by mail. This time around, I will be voting in person. I encourage people to vote in person. However, if you have a mail-in ballot, I think that you should mail it in. I want people to vote and vote whatever way you want to vote, but vote.”

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