PoliticsThursday 10.13.22

1/6 cmte. shows comments after Trump adviser Jason Miller got the base “FIRED UP”: “Gallows don’t require electricity.”

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The January 6th Committee showed comments from a website after Former President Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller self-proclaimed he got the base “FIRED UP.” He sent a link to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that included comments calling for lawmakers to be hung in gallows and threatened lawmakers with death. This is supposed to be the final hearing into what occurred on the fateful day of January 6th, 2021, when an armed coup tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. The Committee is trying to see what the former President’s role was in perpetuating that insurrection.

SCHIFF: “The link to web page had comments about the joint session of Congress on January 6th. Take a look at some of those comments. Gallows don't require electricity. If the filthy commie maggots try to push their fraud through there will be hell to pay. Our lawmakers in Congress can leave one of two ways, one in a body bag, two after rightfully certifying Trump the winner.”

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