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Tuesday, 10.06.2020

Senator, You’re No Jack Kennedy

The 1988 presidential race delivered the most memorable comeback in Vice Presidential debate history. 41-year-old Republican Sen. Dan Quayle faced repeated questions regarding his readiness to lead—when suddenly, he stepped into a rhetorical trap.

The 1988 presidential race delivered the most memorable comeback in Vice Presidential debate history. 41-year-old Republican Sen. Dan Quayle faced repeated questions regarding his readiness to lead—when suddenly, he stepped into a rhetorical trap.
Tuesday, 10.06.2020
Senator, You’re No Jack Kennedy
In 1980, most Americans didn’t approve of President Jimmy Carter, yet the election remained tight. Ronald Reagan would get one chance to prove himself the acceptable alternative. A single head-to-head debate, just one week before Election Day.
Sunday, 09.27.2020
The Carter vs. Reagan Debate
With the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Black voter registration in the South climbed dramatically. But 55 years later, the fight to secure voting rights rages on.
Friday, 08.07.2020
The Voting Rights Act of 1965
Without the spectacle of a traditional Republican National Convention — will President Trump also lose the polling bounce that historically follows?
Sunday, 08.02.2020
The Convention Bounce
During the 1918 flu pandemic, “mask slackers” were arrested, anti-mask protesters stormed city council, and a bomb was found outside a doctor’s office. A hundred years later, the War Against Masks rages on.
Saturday, 06.20.2020
1918 Mask Resistance
Despite frequent comparisons, 1968 was a more tumultuous year for America than 2020 has been (so far). And Richard Nixon’s campaign for the presidency isn’t really much like Donald Trump’s bid for reelection.
Friday, 06.12.2020
The Year 1968
Philadelphia is preparing for a surge in COVID-19 patients, turning a sports arena and defunct juvenile detention center into field hospitals. And yet the 170-year-old Hahnemann Hospital remains empty.
Thursday, 04.09.2020
Hahnemann Held Hostage
Six years after the ebola outbreak, Americans are once again gripped by fear of a virus — but lawmakers' responses could not be more different.
Tuesday, 03.24.2020
Partisan Elbows: Ebola vs. Coronavirus
In March 2016, Bernie Sanders faced an insurmountable delegate deficit against Hillary Clinton, and yet he continued his nomination fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention in July.
Saturday, 03.14.2020
Bernie Sanders Stays in the Race
Super Tuesday turns 44 this year. Track how it's changed over the years.
Friday, 02.28.2020
The History of Super Tuesday
Remember the 2004 primal scream that cut short a run for president? Howard Dean sure does. Reflect on the incident that changed the primary race.
Thursday, 01.23.2020
The Dean Scream
Turn back time to a moment you may have forgotten in the 2008 Democratic primary — a moment that started with a question and ended with then-Senator Hillary Clinton hovering close to tears. Catch it all in this week’s Rewind.
Thursday, 01.09.2020
Hillary Tears Up in New Hampshire
Sexual education: This was the nail in the coffin for Joycelyn Elders’s tenure as surgeon general under President Clinton. Rewind to 1994 and watch how the nation’s doctor was forced out.
Thursday, 12.19.2019
The Resignation of the Surgeon General
Nineteen years ago this week, the Florida recount ended. The presidential election was settled when the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ruled in favor of George W. Bush. Watch how history was made in this week's episode of Rewind.
Thursday, 12.12.2019
Bush v. Gore: The Florida Recount
Forty-one years ago, there was a double murder in San Francisco City Hall. The tragedy opened a new chapter in California politics — one led by a woman whose name we all know now: Dianne Feinstein.
Thursday, 12.05.2019
Dianne Feinstein Makes History
Thursday, 11.28.2019
Thanksgiving Turkey Pardons
From one impeachment to another: 21 years ago this week, the House Judiciary Committee kicked off President Clinton's public impeachment hearings. It's a story with a little more sex and a little less quid pro quo — but equally dramatic. Press Rewind and refresh your memory on how it all went down.
Thursday, 11.21.2019
The Impeachment of President Clinton
Thursday, 11.14.2019
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Wednesday, 10.30.2019
Valerie Plame: Cover Blown
Wednesday, 10.23.2019
Cuban Missile Crisis
Who remembers Joe the Plumber? Wonder where he is now? We've got all the answers on this week's episode of Rewind.
Wednesday, 10.16.2019
Joe the Plumber
On this day 15 years ago, a bulge in George Bush's shirt fueled internet speculation that someone was feeding him answers during the first 2004 presidential debate
Wednesday, 10.09.2019
Bulgegate: Bush vs. Kerry
Today marks the 11th anniversary of the interview that changed the face of the 2008 election
Tuesday, 09.24.2019
Sarah Palin vs. Katie Couric
Seven years ago today, video of Mitt Romney at a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser surfaced and changed the 2012 campaign
Tuesday, 09.17.2019
Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent
Trump now has three primary challengers — history tells us that may spell doom for the sitting president
Wednesday, 09.11.2019
Incumbents Vs. Primary Challengers
On this day in 2014, President Obama caused a national uproar and almost broke Twitter when he made the seemingly harmless decision to wear a tan suit.
Wednesday, 08.28.2019
President Obama’s Tan Suit
On this day in 2003, Alabama's Chief Justice was kicked off the court for his defiance in removing his 5,300-pound monument from the rotunda.
Thursday, 08.22.2019
Roy Moore Fired Over 10 Commandments Monument
Six years after "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee", we look back at how Chris Christie went from presidential frontrunner to late-night joke.
Tuesday, 08.13.2019
Bridgegate: Christie’s Hubris
Four years ago today, then-candidate Trump assailed Fox News debate moderator Kelly... and ignited a firestorm. Looking back, here's what we learned
Thursday, 08.08.2019
Bloody Friday: Donald Trump v. Megyn Kelly
A series that looks back at an event from recent political history.
Tuesday, 07.30.2019
The 2009 Beer Summit
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