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with John Ellis and Rebecca Darst
Ninety percent of the news out there tells you nothing about where the world is going — ten percent of it tells you everything. Every afternoon on the News Items Podcast with John Ellis, John and Rebecca Darst focus on that ten percent — news that’s interesting, important or both. The podcast is based on John Ellis’ News Items, an email newsletter that goes out to organizations including the Council on Foreign Relations, Samsung Next, and the Wall Street Journal. Tune in every Monday through Thursday afternoon to hear decades of journalistic experience packed into 20 or so minutes of insight, plus guest interviews on finance, U.S. politics, foreign affairs, science and technology. Listeners of the News Items Podcast with John Ellis get a special discount on a subscription to the News Items newsletter. Click here to subscribe.
About the Host
John Ellis is the founder and editor of News Items, a daily newsletter that covers "the future coming at you," in global politics, financial markets, advanced technologies and science. He has been in and around the news business for virtually all of his adult life, working for NBC News (as a political analyst), The Boston Globe (as a columnist), Fox News, (as head of the Election Night Decision Desk) and News Corp. Mr. Ellis is a graduate of Yale University (class of 1976) and was the Appleman Fellow at the Shorenstein Center at Harvard’s JFK School of Government (1989-1990). He also was a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics (1991-1992) and a Senior Fellow at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point (2002-2004), focusing there on “future threats.” He was awarded The Outstanding Civilian Service Award by the US Army for his work at West Point.
About the Host
Rebecca Darst is the editor-in-chief of Investable Universe, a news site and podcast that explores how countries are funding, how funds are investing, how geopolitics are changing and how companies are innovating in energy, infrastructure, property, agriculture and other commodities in the global listed and private markets. A graduate of Columbia University, she spent several years in Denmark as the anchor reporter for Nordic News, a pan-Nordic political and economic newswire produced by the four major Scandinavian news agencies, and as a stringer for multiple global publications. Later, in the U.S., she was a weekly featured guest on CNBC, BNN Canada, Fox Business News, and other print outlets where she provided regular insights on the U.S. equity options market. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis and several pivotal market crises afterward, she was a founding member and Managing Director of the Market Access Desk on the iconic New York Stock Exchange trading floor, and remains a proud NYSE floor community alumna.
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