PoliticsFriday 02.04.22

Will Biden Choose the RIGHT SCOTUS Nominee?

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#NeverTrump Republican political strategist Mike Murphy discusses Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement and the political calculations Biden will weigh as he selects his nominee for the highest court in the land. Murphy and Hell & High Water host John Heilemann break down the upsides – and downsides – to nominating a “woke” judge and try to discern whether or not a more “activist” pick would help or hurt Biden and the Democrats in November.

Click here to watch the full episode and see Heilemann and Murphy discuss the escalating crisis around Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine — and the opportunities and challenges it presents for President Biden and his beleaguered administration; the outlook for Democrats and Republicans in the November midterm elections; whether Trump really plans to seek his party’s presidential nomination in 2024, and the implications if he does... or doesn’t. Murphy also reminisces about his storied career as a Svengali to the type of conservative candidates (John McCain, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger) for whom today’s GOP has vanishingly little use.

Hell & High Water