PoliticsTuesday 03.12.24

Under rapid questioning from Rep. Raskin, Hur reaffirms Biden’s cooperation in docs case and decision to not charge him.

Under rapid-fire questioning from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), special counsel Robert Hur on Tuesday reaffirmed his decision to not charge President Joe Biden in the classified documents probe, the fact that the Department of Justice did not interfere with his investigation, and the distinctions between Biden’s documents case and Donald Trump’s documents case.

“Mr. Hur, your report starts with the line, ‘We conclude that no criminal charges are warranted in this matter.’ Have you had any reason to change your opinion about that?” Raskin asked.

“No,” Hur replied.

“You highlight the independence and support you got from the attorney general and DoJ. Have you changed your mind about that?” Raskin continued questioning.

“I have not,” Hur replied.

“The report describes President Biden’s cooperation in your request — he allowed his homes to be searched. He answered questions for hours in the midst of a global crisis. Have you had any reason to change your mind about that?” Raskin inquired from the special counsel.

“No,” Hur again said.

“You also repeatedly contrast Biden’s cooperation with the conduct of Donald Trump. You say, ‘Most notably, after being given multiple chances to return classified documents and avoid prosecution, Mr. Trump allegedly did the opposite. According to the indictment, he not only refused to return the documents for many months, but he also obstructed justice by enlisting others to destroy evidence and then to lie about it.’ Have you any reason to change your judgment about the differences between President Biden’s cooperation and the former president’s non-cooperation?” Raskin then asked.

“No, I continue to stand by those words in my report,” Hur responded.

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