PoliticsTuesday 06.18.24

"They're running against democracy": Rachel Maddow on Project 2025 and GOP plans to gut federal institutions.

MSNBC anchor and podcast host Rachel Maddow addressed Project 2025 and Republicans’ plans to gut federal institutions while appearing on “The View” Tuesday.

“This so-called Project 2025 — it’s an agenda the far-right conservatives are pushing for, and it has some really concerning attacks on our institutions, like eliminating the Department of Education, replacing government employees with political appointees. How realistic do you think these proposals are? Because that part scares me, all of that scares me way more than even Donald Trump,” Sara Haynes, a co-host of “The View” asked Maddow about the collection of conservative policy proposals from The Heritage Foundation known as Project 25.

“When Donald Trump won the election in 2016, fair and square, he said it was rigged. He won the Republican primaries, he said they were rigged. He ran for re-election in 2020. Before the election, he said it was rigged. Then when he lost the election, he said it was rigged. He does not like elections. He does not like voting as a system by which we decide who’s going to be the president. When he was running for re-election in 2020, the Republican Party decided they were no longer going to have a platform. They abolished their platform and said our new platform is whatever Donald Trump wants, we’re for that. So, if you don’t stand for anything other than what he wants; you don’t vote, you just put him in power; and once he’s there, nobody is allowed to disagree with him or say anything that he doesn’t believe,” Maddow replied.

“And what is that called?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in.

“That is what a lot of other countries all around the world have, and it is not democracy,” Maddow said. “He’s trying to get rid of the American system of government, and that means getting rid of a government that does anything other than serve him, and that's what Project 2025 is all about.

“Trump and his movement, they are not running against Democrats. They’re running against democracy. They're running against the democratic process. They want to radically change the kind of system that we have, the government that we have,” Maddow continued. “And we’re alive as American citizens in that time, and we’re going to be the ones who decide if the American system of government survives or if it's taken over instead by a strongman authoritarian form.”

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