PoliticsMonday 09.19.22

"The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID ... but the pandemic is over." —Joe Biden, on 60 Minutes

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In an interview with Scott Pelley on CBS’s “60 Minutes”, President Biden commented that he believes the Covid-19 pandemic is over. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused over 6.5 million deaths worldwide, with over 1 million in the United States since beginning in March 2020. President Biden’s comments follow the general positive outlook of the Covid-19 pandemic slowing down among global leaders. Just last week, the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said end of the pandemic was in sight.

PELLEY: “Mr. President, first Detroit Auto Show and three years.”

BIDEN: “Yeah.”

PELLEY: “Is the pandemic over?”

BIDEN: “The pandemic is over. We're still have a problem with covid. We're still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over. If you notice no one's wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it's changing and I think this is a perfect example of it.”

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