PoliticsThursday 07.21.22

Speaker Pelosi during debate on bill codifying contraception: “Do we need a session of the birds and the bees?”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked during a House debate on a bill codifying the right to contraception on Thursday: “Do we need a session on the birds and the bees?”

The House later voted to advance the legislation ensuring access to contraception by a vote of 228-195. Eight Republicans voted yes, many of whom are not running for another term in office: (Mace, Upton (retiring), Katko (retiring) Fitzpatrick, Kinzinger (retiring), Salazar, Cheney, and Gonzalez (retiring)). All 195 NO votes were Republicans.

Said Speaker Pelosi: “I ask those who oppose contraception again: Do even know what's going on in your own families? Why don't you ask?

“Do we need a session on the birds and the bees to talk about why this is important?

“What's going on here is their blind desire to have women controlled and in servitude such that they don't even want to know the truth about family planning and contraception.”

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