PoliticsWednesday 08.31.22

Some of the insane claims Trump's lawyers have made about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

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The Recount gathered some of the wild claims Donald Trump's lawyers have made about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago:

“Ask them to uncover everything so that we can see what is going on. I understand the witness protection issue, but at the same time…”

“That's the stuff of an overdue library book..”

“How angry America got, and how frustrated we all are.”

“I hope that they take a second look and are cautious about doing something as stupid as trying to go after President Trump.”

“Is this going to be a Pearl Harbor moment? Yeah, I think it absolutely is.”

“He is exempt from any of the declassification procedure.”

“Do you know that the presidential records act doesn't even have a fine or penalty in place…”

“We couldn't possibly be talking about a crime under the presidential records act because there is none, I suspect they were probably either dishonest or withheld information that could have changed the judges.”

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