PoliticsWednesday 08.24.22

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) — who has one of the worst attendance records— attacks opponent for voting “from her pajamas.”

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) — who has one of the worst attendance records in the Senate, missing more than 9% of all votes — attacks his opponent Val Demings (D) for voting “from her pajamas.”

Senator Rubio goes on to say: “Even the House of Representatives has become a work-from-home place. You know that my opponent Val Demings, you know how many times she's voted from her pajamas or whatever she was wearing, because they have this thing called the proxy voting. She can be anywhere on the planet. The nominee, appears to be the next nominee for Florida Governor for the Democrats, Charlie Crist. He was once a Republican, then he ran as an Independent, he’s a vegetarian. Now he's a… you know, a Democrat. Charlie Crist, he hasn't even—I don't even think he's been in Washington for a year, they can vote remotely. They can work remotely. You can't work remotely.”

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