PoliticsMonday 09.26.22

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said the 1/6 cmte. has gotten “about 800,000 pages at least” of Secret Service communications.

Representative Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, talked about the January 6th committee investigation with Texas Texas Tribune CEO, Evan Smith, at The Texas Tribune Festival.

CHENEY: “We've received very significant production of information and material from the Secret Service.”

SMITH: “And it was subpoenaed right? Is that what I understand?”

CHENEY: “Yes. And the Secretary of Homeland Security has worked in real cooperation with the committee and has brought in former General Counsel of Homeland Security, Steve Bunnell, who was general counsel under President Obama, to help ensure that there's good cooperation and production of, you know, what the committee needs and what the agency can turn over. So we've received a tremendous amount of information and that takes the form of a whole range of types of communication.”

SMITH: “Not just text?”

CHENEY: “Well, the text messages themselves in many cases are gone. There are other forms of communication like teams messages and emails and in other forms of communication and we have received, you know, probably about eight hundred thousand pages, at least, of material.”

SMITH: “Wow. Now again I want to ask, just be sure I understand this. It took a subpoena?”

CHENEY: “Well, it took significant cooperation, a significant focus and attention and…”

SMITH: “Well, Representative, why didn't they just turn it over when you asked? Why did it take you having to go back and compel them effectively to do this?”

CHENEY: “It is very, very troubling. And again, I think if you look at what happened that day on the sixth, you'll see that there were Secret Service agents who were playing a hugely important and very courageous role. And I think that there are some who have not been forthcoming with the committee and you'll hear more about that.”

SMITH: “Got it.”

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