CultureMonday 08.22.22

Rapper Blueface responds to the viral video of his girlfriend punching him multiple times at a bar.

Check it out. You will see you 10 second clip on the app and all like come up with all these theories and weirdo type conversations. So let me break the news for you guys. Chrisean is in jail for trespassing, she's not in jail for hitting me, touching me or anything that has to do with me. In the middle of the street. She take my phone and run into a closed bar. She took the phone and started running and I'm not even from chase after her. I said to homie, a go, get my phone broke. She swing on him two times he like bro, I'm not I'm not messing with that. I’m like okay. We are going to the closed bar. They told us, hey, we're closed. You guys can't be in here. I'm telling her. Come on, let's go. That's why I'm grabbing her. You gotta get out of here. She's so worried about my damn phone, she hiding under the bar stools and doing all type of weird freak theatrical stuff. So I'm like all right. She got mad about what she’s seeing on the phone. I’m not tripping, she just hit me right here and she standard hit me with a two-piece. I'm not even I'm out of here. Same mistake twice and totally fight with you. So I go to the bathroom. She's chases me into the bathroom. I like telling the security, like, yo, bro, you're just gonna literally, like, you know, mess me up, like, get her. Let me wipe my face because I'm bleeding. Go in the bathroom. I come out. I guess she start fighting security. They put her down and nothing I could do, bro. She get off that hand. She just gets wild. I know you all want it to be my fault so bad. I'm sorry. I know it's the truth. I did nothing.

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