PoliticsMonday 08.08.22

President Biden commends Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during briefing on Kentucky flood response efforts.

President Biden says that he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are all one team, during briefing on Kentucky flood response efforts. Biden is visiting Kentucky after historic flooding that left at least 37 people dead. More storms are forecast for this week. Biden is at odds with his Republican counterpart on the impact that climate change and other man-made environmental measures, with the White House saying this week to expect more extreme weather events. Meanwhile, some former mining regulators from Kentucky say that strip-mining there is likely to have exacerbated the impact of heavy rains, creating large areas of land with no absorption capacity or vegetation.

Regardless, all that was put aside as Biden & McConnell joined a press briefing on the flood recovery efforts.

BIDEN: As as the Dean knows, we get along down here, everybody gets, when there's trouble. Everybody jumps in. And I mean, that's all the way from Mitch McConnell and I, we do battle all the time on issues. But it came to Kentucky, when it comes to these issues, it's all one team. And I really mean it, and it really matters.

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