PoliticsWednesday 08.10.22

President Biden commends Jon Stewart for tirelessly advocating for the PACT Act.

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President Biden commended comedian and campaigner Jon Stewart for tirelessly advocating for the PACT Act granting healthcare to veterans exposed to military burn pits today as he prepared to sign the act into law. Stewart has been the most vocal and high-profile name attached to the cause for some time.

BIDEN: So many of you here, today, remind us that we have fought for this for so many years. Veterans, surviving families, surviving family members, Advocates like, Rosie Torres and Jon Stewart. and Jon. I want to thank you again. I wanted to come up and hang out in the Capitol steps with you but to the Secret Service, said I would be a pain in the neck, and wouldn’t let me do it. So at least we did a little video on there but but what you've done John it matters and you know it does, you should know, it really really matters you. You refuse to let anybody forget, refuse tto let them forget and we owe you big, man. We owe you.

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