PoliticsMonday 10.03.22

President Biden announces commitment of over $60M to bolster Puerto Rico’s defenses against future storms.

President Biden announced a commitment of over $60M to help bolster Puerto Rico’s defenses against future storms.

BIDEN: “We have to ensure that when the next hurricane strikes Puerto Rico is ready. Today I'm announcing more than $60 million dollars in funding to help coastal areas in Puerto Rico become better prepared for the storm. For example, we can create a flood warning system to help shore up levees and flood walls. In addition, there's nearly $700 million in infrastructure investments in Puerto Rico that have already been announced since I signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law last November. For example, we've awarded $90 million dollars to upgrade PR2 Highway, and we've announced $163 million dollars to begin construction on the canal to restore Caño, help me with the pronunciation, Martín Peña, that entire ecosystem. And we're going to clean up polluted waters and restore mangrove habitats and bring back marine life. And you're going to see investments like these increasing significantly in the months ahead. We're investing in Puerto Rico's roads, bridges, public transit, ports, airports, water safety, and high-speed internet.”

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