CultureMonday 08.29.22

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers says he was not able to take the COVID-19 vaccine because he is allergic to a part of it.

Rogan: You, you're allergic to a medication or a part of the vaccine.

Rodgers: Right.

Rogan: What is it called?

Rodgers: PG polyethylene glycol. And so I did my research now, I think, typically speaking because I'm healthy and I take care of myself, getting vaccinated was not on the top of my list but you know I wanted to look into it because everybody was doing it and talking about it and trying to be safe and I wanted to make sure I was, you know, doing my part if that's what was necessary to keep myself safe and my loved one safe and my teammates saved and I looked into it and at the time I went on the CDC website and they He said you know, if you're allergic to Bee Gees we do we do not recommend, you get vaccinated with the MRNA vaccinations. So the only other one available was Johnson & Johnson and it just got pulled at the time for blood clots.

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