PoliticsThursday 09.22.22

Not one CEO of the 7 biggest U.S. banks responded "yes" when asked if they would be neutral with employee unionizing.

When questioned by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) during a hearing from the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, not one CEO of the 7 biggest U.S. banks in America responded with “yes” when asked if they would remain neutral if their employees tried to unionize.

BROWN: “Will you remain neutral if your employees try to unionize? Mr. Scharf?”

SCHARF: “We believe that we should have a direct relationship with our employees. No.”

BROWN: “Mr. Moynihan?”

MOYNIHAN: “We will operate for our shareholders, our customers, our employees within what the law allows us to do.”

BROWN: “Mr. Dimon?”

DIMON: “No.”

BROWN: “Ms. Fraser?”

FRASER: “We will not commit to being neutral.”

BROWN: “Mr. Rogers?”

ROGERS: “We will not obstruct any activity but we can't be neutral to the benefits of Truist and what we offer.”

BROWN: “Cecere?”

CECERE: “We will not retaliate, we will continue to expect to be close to our employees but we with help will abide by the law.“

BROWN: “Mr. Demchak in the union town of Pittsburgh. That was a little bit of digging in there.”

DEMCHAK: “No, we wouldn't obstruct. But of course, I'd be in conversations with our customers about it. CS we'd be involved.”

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