CultureMonday 08.29.22

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal on the earth being round: "I flew 20 hours today... I didn't tip over or go upside down."

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Interviewer: I didn't hear a podcast once where you were fighting with someone claiming that you thought the world was flat. And there's no way it was round. Was that a joke or is that what you think?

O’Neal: So theory. All right, so neither so no. I mean, Larry no, this is just a theory. You know, they teach us a lot of things. Just a theory, for example, I flew 20 hours a day not once did I go this way. I didn't go, you know, people over an inch. Yeah. And tip over and go upside down. So but it's just, you know, you can fly. It was transparency theory.

Interviewer: No, no, no. If you left New York, you can fly that way. Into Australia. And if you left a Los Angeles, you can fly that way. So what happened?

O’Neal: Yeah. But it's, but it's still a straight line. You don't go, you don't go under. I was just a theory. And then you do another theory, how to say the world is spinning. Yeah, I've been living on the house at the lake for 30 years. Not once did the lake rotate to the left or rotate to the right. I thought of that too.

Interviewer: We're spinning so fast. Why are we busy? I don't get that either.

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