CultureFriday 08.05.22

Lawyer Wesley Ball asks the jury for a $150M fine against Alex Jones for defamation in the Sandy Hook Trial.

Lawyer Wesley Ball asked the jury in the Alex Jones trial for an all-in $150M fine to be levied against Alex Jones for defamation in the Sandy Hook Trial once punitive damages are taken into consideration. Jones was found liable and the plaintiffs awarded $4 million in damages caused on Thursday, but punitive damages have yet to be set by the jury. A financial expert, Bernard Pettingill told the court that Jones and his company likely earned over $50m a year during the Trump presidency despite having been deplatformed from major social media sites.

Jones’s exact financial status remains hard to determine. Jones uses a web of shell companies, the effect of which is to obfuscate his true net worth.

BALL: “We started this trial asking you for a hundred and fifty million dollars. And we stand by that request. We ask that you give another 145 million nine hundred thousand dollars. That plus your verdict is 150 million.”

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