PoliticsWednesday 08.03.22

InfoWars Alex Jones does not believe the jurors in his Sandy Hook defamation case are operatives.

Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, testifying in a defamation lawsuit brought by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, said he did not think the jurors were operatives.

JUDGE: Are you aware that this jury consists of 16 intelligent, fair-minded citizens who are not being improperly influenced in any way?

JONES: Yes, I don't think that you are operatives. I don't think that you are part of a false flag. I don't think that you are bad people. I think you're good people, and I just am very, very critical about the whole process that I've been through so far where I've given that I believe everything over and then I'm always told we didn't even though we're seeing it and so that's why I'm really concerned because a lot has been misrepresented…

JUDGE: Mr Jones I think you’ve wandered off the question. Do you feel you're getting a fair trial and if not, why not?

JONES: I'm barred from saying…

JUDGE: Succinctly, please.

JONES: I have been found guilty by a judge and I thought in America you're found guilty by juries

JUDGE: Alright there’s now guilty or innocence in Civil Court you’re liable or not, please don't use that. You're not a lawyer. That's fine.

JONES: I've been found liable. Okay. So by a judge and and and in all the other cases coming up I’ve already been found. So this is a dangerous new system they’re setting up, and if people want to get rid of that and get rid of America, it's okay. I understand we're old Republic, may be time for us to go.

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