PoliticsWednesday 06.12.24

House adopts NDAA amendment from Rep. Brian Mast to block any defense funding from being used to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

By a voice vote, the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday adopted a National Defense Authorization Act amendment that would block any federal defense funding from being used to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

“American tax dollars do not need to go to Gaza to rebuild it. American tax dollars need to stay in the United States of America for Americans,” Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) said during remarks on the House floor before the vote. “I urge support of my amendment, which would prevent any funds from going to build or rebuild anything within the Gaza Strip.”

Mast and some Republicans have for months argued that the U.S. should not send any humanitarian aid to assist Palestinians in Gaza during or after the Israel-Hamas war, arguing that Hamas could steal resources such as food.

Mast’s amendment to the 2025 NDAA was one of 350 that the House was considering that focused on a variety of culture issues, such as abortions and DEI. Members have been attaching amendments in an attempt to message about issues they care about. They would face steep opposition in the Democratic-led Senate, which would have to reconcile the NDAA bill with whatever final version the House ends up passing this week.

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