PoliticsTuesday 10.18.22

Herschel Walker, who did not attend the second debate, attacks Sen. Warnock (D-GA) who did.

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Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, who did not attend the second debate, attacked Democratic Senator Warnock for his performance during the second debate. At the first debate between the two candidates, Herschel Walker received immense criticism for bringing out a fake police badge, claiming he works with police officers. Recently, a former partner of Herschel Walker came out and announced that Herschel Walker paid for her to have an abortion. He has steadfastly denied this claim although there is extensive evidence. Walker has run on a pro-life platform, making this information a direct conflict between his actions and his beliefs. The Georgia Senate seat race is extremely important in deciding which party will take control of the Senate after the midterm elections.

WALKER: “At the debate, he didn't answer questions. Leaders take responsibility to be a leader. And I'm a leader and he knows it. And then come November, he's going to see, I'm going to win this election. Thank you guys. God bless.”

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