PoliticsFriday 04.29.22

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) voices opposition to forgiving student debt: “These are people like doctors and lawyers."

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke out Friday against President Joe Biden’s intentions to reduce student debt. The governor said that close to 60% of the debt that Biden would forgive would be graduate school debt. DeSantis did not offer a source for that statistic.

DeSantis added that the graduate students who this would affect are studying to be doctors and lawyers, seemingly suggesting that these are not the kinds of people who need their student debt forgiven.

DeSantis also said that graduate students are getting advanced degrees in "other stuff." And, apparently speaking on behalf of all truck drivers, waitresses and construction workers, asked rhetorically, “Why would you make a truck driver or a waitress or construction worker pay off the debt for somebody that did a Ph.D. program in gender studies?”

While on the campaign trail, President Biden supported the idea of cancellation up to $10,000 per person of federal student loans.

The president recently announced that he will make a decision about student loan forgiveness in the next few weeks.

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