PoliticsMonday 02.05.24

GOP Sen. Lankford on Trump attacking him over border deal: “Obviously a chaotic border is helpful to him.”

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), the lead GOP border deal negotiator, responded to Donald Trump going after him over the Senate bill.

The former president on Monday said the bill was “very bad” for Lankford’s career and called it “a gift to Democrats.” Trump also falsely claimed that he “did not endorse” Lankford.

“Obviously, your fellow Republican, Mitt Romney, has been pretty outspoken, saying that the reason the bill is having difficulties right now is because Donald Trump wants it as a campaign issue, so he doesn’t want any attempts to solve it to be successful. And in fact ... former President Trump today is slamming your work, specifically your work on the bill … Why do you think Trump’s going after you?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked the Oklahoma Republican.

“I don’t know, obviously, other than he has a different job than I have right now,” Lankford replied. “His job right now is running for president. And so, he’s trying to be able to manage that, and obviously a chaotic border is helpful to him in the process on that.”

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