PoliticsTuesday 03.19.24

GOP Nebraska state senator facing calls to resign after inserting Democratic colleague’s name into book’s rape scene.

Nebraska State Sen. Steve Halloran (R) is facing calls to resign after inserting his Democratic colleague’s name into a rape scene from Alice Sebold’s 1999 memoir “Lucky.”

Before he started reading from the frequently banned book, Halloran addressed “Senator Cavanaughs,” referring to State Sens. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) and John Cavanaugh (D), who are siblings. But once he started reading, he addressed only “Senator Cavanaugh” — Machaela maintains he was addressing her, although Halloran claims he was addressing John.

“Something tore, I began to bleed there, I was wet now, Senator Cavanaugh,” was one instance in which Halloran called out Cavanaugh during his graphic recitation.

“I want a blowjob, Senator Cavanaugh,” Halloran added in another passage from the scene.

“That was so out of line and unnecessary and disgusting to say my name over and over again like that,” Machaela later said while addressing the chamber through tears. “I didn’t know you were capable of such cruelty.”

State Sens. Megan Hunt (I) and Julie Slama (R) publicly called for Halloran’s resignation, as did the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

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