CultureThursday 07.28.22

Golfer Henrik Stenson asked if money played a factor in joining the Saudi-back LIV tour: “Absolutely.”

Golfer Henrik Stenson was asked if money played a factor in his decision to join the controversial Saudi-back LIV tour. His response: “Absolutely.”

STENSON: I've been up a golf professional since very late 1998 and you know, purse sizes, prize money on offer, the financial part has always been a been a part of where we made up our schedules and where we're going to play and it's been, it's been a part of it. Absolutely. So there was, there was no different in this case.”

The LIV tour has peeled several notable names away from the PGA tour, which has stripped golfers who chose to play LIV tournaments from their ability to also play any PGA events. Golfers have been lured by significant cash offers on top of prize purses to join the Saudi-backed franchise. As yet LIV has failed to lure some of the biggest names in golf, with holdouts like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods stating their disappointment with former PGA colleagues openly.

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