PoliticsFriday 09.23.22

Fox's Doocy is upset with Press Sec. Jean-Pierre’s answer to his question about Biden’s stance on abortion restrictions.

Fox New’s Peter Doocy and White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre had a tense moment regarding his question on President Biden’s stance on abortion restrictions.

DOOCY: “Republicans are saying we don't want abortion after 15 weeks. Why can't you say how many weeks the president thinks the law should be?”

KJP: “As you know, as you know Kevin McCarthy put out the GOP agenda.”

DOOCY: “I’m not asking about Kevin McCarthy, I’m asking about Joe Biden and his position on abortion. How many weeks?”

KJP: “Peter, I am answering your question. What Republicans are trying to do is take us backwards. They're trying to take away the rights and freedoms of Americans, that's what we're calling out and that's what we're going to continue to call out. House Republicans oppose a pharmacy bill that would deny women essential medications. As of September, 166 House Republicans have signed on to a heartbeat bill that would decide abortion at the federal level even though 28 of those members have since said decisions on abortion should be left to the state. And this week a Michigan GOP official said he wants to ban contraception. So we should really listen to what Republicans are trying to tell us and that's what we are speaking out against. And that's what we're going to talk about - about the national ban that Republicans are continuing, continuing to push when majority of Americans do not want that.”

DOOCY: “We’re all covering the Republican plan. Why can’t you say how many weeks for Biden.”

KJP: “No. I answered your question.”

DOOCY: “You did not answer my question, Karine. Why can’t you say?”

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